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Offering Unique Fashions and Fabulous Finds Since 1991

After a number of years of Mall living, Panara Imports has returned to where it really belongs and where it all originally began 27 years ago at 125 West Washington Street, in Marquette’s historical downtown district. Panara features unique, often handmade fashions, gifts, and home decor. Many of the items are Fair Trade, which means it has been produced in a safe environment using sustainable practices and by people receiving a fair wage for their labor (i.e. no sweatshops) Panara also serves as a venue for local artists, offering locally made jewelry and other handcrafted items. Panara is a point of interest for those visiting the Marquette area and is a favorite of area residents. Panara also also hosts a variety of events throughout the year including presentations on energy and spirit work, tarot and astrology readings, and others. Check our calendar of events and be sure to check us out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Panaramqt/page where we announce the arrival of new merchandise and keep you up to date on our offerings!

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We've got an amazing selection of fun and funky accessories. including lambs wool and Alpaca socks, buffalo sandals, hand painted boots and shoes. We also carry silk and Pashmina scarves, winter an summer hats  purses, wallets and much more

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Our clothing is unique. Skirts, pants, dresses and tops for every season. We rarely have more than two or three of the same item and since much of it is hand made you'll never find two alike. It's comfortable too, and with sizes up to 4-X we can usually find something for everyone!

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Most of our jewelry is made by talented local artists, each piece a creation that cannot be found anywhere else. We also have a growing selection of hand made items that support Fair Trade and provide opportunities for women in developing nations.

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Incense and Aroma Therapy

The best incense in town! Hand made when we order it so it arrives fresh, You can select from a variety of scents, including  amber, patchouli, frankincense, strawberry and cinnamon. We also carry the traditional Nag Champa and Super Hit and we've got a great selection of burners and trays too!

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Home Decor and Gifts

Beautiful wall hangings, comfy quilts and blankets, exquisite Indian ottomans, colorful tapestries, statuary, items for the table, candles, tea sets, banners that inspire - all of this and more is available - great gifts for you. your home, or someone special.

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Health Wellness, Body Care

Just like our incense, the body oils we carry are made when we order them. They're a blend of essential and other oils that make them safe for using on your skin. The scent lasts longer than perfume and because they don't contain alcohol like cologne often does, they're better for you!

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Handcrafted paper products

Paper made from elephant poo? Yes indeed - it's fine quality paper and the making of it not only saves elephants but provides jobs. We also have journals, paper lights, paper fans, and some really great origami mobiles made by a local artist

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Rituals, artifacts and things metaphysical!

Singing bowls for meditation, prayer flags for bringing good energy, tarot cards just for fun. Add Buddha for serenity, and a rich selection of books for enlightenment. This is the place to find all of that, and if you don't find it, we can probably get it.

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Upper Michigan (Yooper)

There is one section of the store entirely devoted to the Upper Peninsula. Elephant poo journals that were designed exclusively for us, and some rather raunchy hand painted glasses and coffee mugs. We've got books by local artists, photographs.  vintage post cards and T shirts . . . 

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Events and Items of Interest

May 1 - 31

Strawberry Month? Who knew? Buy 10 sticks of strawberry incense and get 5 sticks for free!

Sun.  May 6, 

Third Annual Beltane Celebration

Fun, Refreshments, Door Orizes

May 7 - 12

Shop for your mom and get 20% off your purchase. Shop WITH your mom and get 30% off your purchase

Some exclusions

May 26

First Summer  Downtown Farmers Market at the Commons

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